Identity Theft Prevention Tips

Identity theft is rampant in many parts of the world. This is because once a persons identity is stolen it can be used illegally to carry our activities all over the world and thereby help to aid and abet many criminal activities. More over there are organizations and criminal factions that pay a lot for such information. In most parts of the world criminals mainly make use of social security numbers and back and credit card information as also hospital and insurance details to get information regarding lifestyle of an individual which they can then use to suit their whim and fancies.

On the whole there are a few tips and laws that need to be taken into consideration when you are looking for ways to keep your identity safe from predators lurking in dark corners of the world.

Law 1#


- This part deals with your credit card information and more important Social Security Number. In many cases it has been seen that individuals have made known to certain individuals details that pertain to their SSN and credit card. This information is then used against them to make use of their monetary funds and factors like insurance and many other entities that are all connected to the SSN.

- In order to safeguard your credit card information and SSN you need to make sure that you don't say your SSN or your CCN aloud over the phone. More over you should also make it a habit to stop using vital information like this over the internet. this is so as hacker can trace your mail origins and use the information stored in these mails pertaining to SSN for their own needs without you even realizing it.

- Next you should not write down your SSN or Credit card number down on any piece of paper that may fin their way into hands of suspected identity thieves. This includes credit card receipts as also bank statements and drivers licenses which may contain sensitive information that can be used against you.

- In order to maintain a safe and fool proof way wherein no one can get to your sensitive information you should make a mental note of all your passwords and pin codes so that you don't have to store them in your wallet or on pieces of paper that may find their way into hands of an identity thief.

- Last but not the least you should make it a point to carry a limited umber of credit cards except when you feel that it's vital and urgently needed.

Law 2#

- Make it a point to have your quarterly and annual bank statement mailed to your home address so that you know your financial standings each and every instant of the year.

- Make it a point to keep all your insurance policy documents safely locked up.

- When using your PC make sure that you have the latest anti virus software installed. Try not to reply to spam emails and make sure you don't chat online and give out sensitive information.

- Use a wipe utility software to get rid of sensitive data from your PC instead of deleting it.

By making use of these few tips and guidelines you can be sure that you will be able to stay alert and be safe rather sorry in an event of an identity theft crisis.