Superb Identity Protection Tips

Identity theft is an epidemic that is affecting many people in America as there are many individuals who are falling prey to the tactics used by thieves on a daily basis. In order to make a sure and steady stand on this subject its important that you make sure that you don't let your personal information get into the hands of such predators lurking in every single corner of your world.

The best way to avoid such scams is by following the old proverb, which reminds you its better to be safe rather than sorry. By making sure you have abided by all the rule and regulations and thereby made yourself an unattractive target you might be able to get these identity thieves off your backs and thereby boost your confidence in the near future.

- Tip #1


It has been seen that there are many individuals who after using an ATM will simply throw away their receipts in the bin provided. This is not a good idea as certain blocks of information can be retrieved from the slip and used to get your personal information like your credit card number. In order to make sure that you have destroyed all these documents in a proper manner you should make it a point to burn and throw away all of your data in a proper manner.

- Tip #2

If you are used to getting mail at your doorstep it's a better idea to route your mail to a post box locker so that criminals can't get their hands on sensitive data pertaining to you. In most cases criminals make use of mail boxes to lay their hands on sensitive data which may include driver's licenses, bank statements, and outgoing payment checks as also information pertaining to your near and dear ones which can be used against them in a variety of ways.

- Tip #3

Remember to safeguard your SSN at all costs. You should make a point to never carry your SSN with you except when it is needed. This is so as your SSN is the primary target for all identity thieves as it gives them the ability to source out information pertaining to your health insurance, credit card and bank accounts. You should also avoid mentioning your SSN over the internet and phone lines and even avoid writing it down on your checks.

- Tip #4

Make sure that you destroy receipts and bills properly after using the ATM. Make it a point to stay focused on your card when using it to pay for entities. This is so as credit card fraudsters are quick and sly and will not allow you to think that anything is wrong even thought it actually is.

- Tip #5

Make sure that when using your E-mail you avoid replying to spam mails so as to minimize the threat of being hacked and all your personal information lost through the internet. Make use of a good antivirus software and keep in mind that hackers will use unsuspecting means to get to you like pictures of nude girls, attractive shopping discounts as also seemingly harmless links that activate lechers and worms when clicked on.